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Support medical research breakthroughs and be part of the journey towards a cure for pulmonary fibrosis

Lindsay Wilson was more than a participant in clinical trials at the Institute for Respiratory Health; he was a believer in the power of research. Lindsay and his wife, Glennis, were convinced that these trials not only slowed his pulmonary fibrosis (PF) but also significantly improved his quality of life, granting them more precious time together.

Lindsay’s participation was driven by hope—not just for himself but for others battling this disease in the future.

Every trial and every research advancement, is a step towards a better quality of life for those affected. And maybe one day a cure.

Your donation today can continue this legacy of hope and help save lives.

What is pulmonary fibrosis?


Pulmonary fibrosis is the buildup of scar tissue in your lungs. It makes breathing increasingly difficult.

Some types of PF have an identifiable cause. But for many types, a definite cause cannot be found.


Vidya and the team: Pioneers in clinical trials to combat pulmonary fibrosis

Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) scars lung tissue, making breathing a constant struggle. There's currently no cure, but our research aims to uncover the causes of this scarring and find ways to stop it. Vidya and her team are at the cutting edge, tirelessly working to discover treatments that could slow, stop, or even reverse the disease's progression.

Our clinical trials unit is leading the way by expanding the variety of new treatments available for testing. This past year, we've significantly broadened our study portfolio, offering patients more chances to access experimental treatments, including drugs already approved for other conditions.

Your donations power our research. They help us develop groundbreaking therapies, enhance the quality of life for PF patients, and provide essential support and information to both patients and their caregivers. Every contribution counts.

Thank you for giving the gift of time!