Stewart's Story

"I feel like I've been given a second chance thanks to Trikafta."

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of four with a three-month stint in hospital. Ever since I’ve taken between 20-40 tablets a day and have had to do physiotherapy two to three times a day just to try and live a normal life.
Dad got me into soccer when I was eight as the doctors advised being active could be beneficial with the disease. I then started playing cricket and football as a teenager. The disease started to significantly affect my life as I got older and it began to impact my work life and ability to continue playing sports.
From 2012, things got pretty ugly for me. Most of the day I would be coughing and would constantly feel exhausted. I started to lose weight and was in and out of hospital with pneumonia.

I had to give up my love of sport and was trying to hang on to my job but was constantly in physiotherapy and the rest of the time I would have to go to bed due to constant fatigue. 

But Trikafta has been a game-changer. I was just existing as opposed to living. Now I’m living.

None of this would have happened without medical research. It’s been my mini-miracle  –  my second chance.

As part of the clinical trial, I started taking two small orange pills twice a day and one at night for twelve weeks. When you do a trial, you don’t know if you’re on the actual drug or a placebo. But within a week I could feel a difference. 

I noticed an improvement in my breathing and appetite. I stopped coughing almost straight away and I didn’t feel like I was drowning in my own mucus. 

My energy levels were up and the fatigue was gone. My fitness improved, I started to gain weight and I could play cricket again. 

I also got to continue working and keep my independence and ability to look after myself. 

What’s even more miraculous is that I’ve been able to fulfill a dream and explore the world, something that I could never have imagined before Trikafta. I’ve travelled to New Zealand and Tasmania – my whole world has expanded.

Medical research has given me the chance to hit the reset button on my life. I’ve been on the clinical trial for three years and I feel great. I have a renewed purpose and an explorative spirit. 

There can be more happy endings like mine if medical research is adequately funded. 

One in three Australians will experience a lung condition in their lifetime. But despite this only 2% of research funding goes to lung health research. 

Thanks to game-changing research I’m able to share my story with you today. Thank you for reading my story, I hope it will encourage you to want to help change the lives of other West Australians living with a chronic lung condition.

"I’ve been able to hit the reset button thanks to medical research."

Now is the perfect time to help as your kind donation by 30 June can be claimed on tax. Your generosity can help more miracles happen through life-changing research. And your donation will be DOUBLED whilst funds remain.