Looking for a way to make a difference this festive season?

Become a Secret Santa for innovative lung research and help Western Australia become a lung research superpower.

Your gift will:

  • Back pioneering Western Australian research projects.
  • Improve lung health for countless Western Australians.
  • Save and transform lives.

More than 7.4 million Australians grapple with lung conditions, making each breath a struggle and everyday life a challenge. Tragically, many won't survive these conditions.

Join us in the fight to enhance the quality of life of those suffering from lung conditions and become a Secret Santa for innovative lung research.

How to Become a Secret Santa

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Select one of our innovative research gifts below.

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Message from cystic fibrosis patient Mitch Messer

As someone living with CF, I understand the daily struggles that individuals with lung conditions face. 
Breathing isn't something I take for granted. That's why supporting respiratory research innovation is crucial.

Thanks to Secret Santas, like you, who invest in innovative research, you give hope and pave the way for more accurate diagnosis and ongoing research that can lead to the discovery of new and more effective treatments - like the work of Clinical Associate Professor Forrester, Associate Professor Cecilia Prêle and Associate Professor Sanjay Ramakrishnan.

Your contributions fuel groundbreaking innovations, enabling us to breathe easier, improve our quality of life and gain more control over our health.

By being a Secret Santa for lung research, you're not just giving a gift; you're giving us the gift of breath, hope and life itself.

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